Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Georgia came to us from Quinault and Gryphon Kennels in WA, in the Spring of
2006.  Georgia is the foundation bitch of our kennel, and I couldn't have asked for
more.  She's my easy dog, she never asks for much, yet gives all she has.  In addition
to passing down her agreeable laid back temperament, she also throws a strong
working drive, as is evidenced by the many working titles her pups have achieved -
she attained her Working Dog ROM in 2013.  Georgia has an instinctual bond with
children, and doesn't let them stray far from their moms, especially when she thinks
they're wandering somewhere not quite safe.  Georgia is an integral part of our team
and likes to have fun, but when it comes time for serious work, she gets down to it, as
is evidenced by her many working titles.  Georgia also hits the show ring and is AKC

Georgia is mom to Bea, Cam, Clara and Piper who also live here.

Thank you Twila and Carmen for entrusting her to me - she is everything we hoped
Quinault's Ridge Runnin Hussy WTD, WWPD, WWPDA,

b. 12/18/05 - 01-28-2019
Georgia's Health Clearances on OFA
PN - Homozygous Clear

Sno Shire's Naughty by Nature x
Am/Can CH Gryphon's Moonshine WTDA