Planned Litters
A tremendous amount of thought and planning with an emphasis on health,
proper structure/movement, and temperament plus working ability goes into every
breeding.  For further information about our breeding philosophy, please go to
Reputable Breeder page.  Sire and dam of the litter will be health checked
before being bred, including hips, eyes, thyroid, and Polyneuropathy. All of our
pups will be properly socialized, raised in the house, exposed to 'true life' (car
rides, noises, different surfaces, the great outdoors, various people and other
animals) before they leave our home.  They will be microchipped as well, and we
ask that we remain as the secondary contact.  We raw feed all of our dogs, but
will introduce any pup not going to a raw fed home to kibble before it leaves.  We
do not place our pups based on sight alone.  We will fully evaluate their
temperaments and your living situation to ensure the best possible match.  
Puppies will not leave for their new homes until around 10 weeks of age,
depending on what we feel the pup needs.  They will be properly de-wormed and
vaccinations started.  If you feel an Anua puppy is right for you, please fill out our
Puppy Application to the left to start the process of getting on our puppy list.
Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Puppy Application
Click here to see the Steele x
Georgia 2009 litter.
If you are starting on your search to find
your perfect puppy, please read this
wonderfully written article to understand
breeding and placing puppies from a
breeder's perspective:
Ruffly Speaking's Puppy Buyer Ettiquette
Click here to see Mick X
Georgia 2011 litter
We do not place pups on a first come first serve basis.  Each pup is carefully
temperament tested and evaluated before it goes home with you.  Though you
may be drawn to a particular pup on a particular day in meeting one or through
pictures, pups are placed depending on our evaluation and what you have said
you are looking for in a companion, and which pup best fits your needs and
situation.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions,  If we do not
have a litter planned or a pup available, we are more than happy to refer to
trusted reputable breeders that do!
We currently have no litters planned in the near future, however,
if you are looking for a puppy and would like to find an ethical
breeder, we are more than happy to help out.

If intersted in an Anua puppy, please fill out a puppy application, located
top left of this page.
We are always happy to answer questions about our
dogs or the breed in general.  Please don't hesitate to contact

us with any questions.

We also encourage those who don't want a young pup to consider
rescue.  Please see the available rescue dogs in IL and surrounding
states at
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Bees 2014 litter
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Clara 2016 litter
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Tilda  2017 litter