Dogs pictured on this page are those
that have been adopted and found
their forever homes through
Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue -
About Malamute Rescue
Malamutes are a beautiful, but large and primitive breed. Many people succumb
to the 'impulse' buy, because they are gorgeous puppies, not understanding the
amount of training and exercise they need.  They are then left with a giant puppy
with zero training that they cannot handle. The dogs that actually make it to a
rescue are the lucky ones - they are safe. Others are set loose, given to
neighbors or friends that don't really want them, or turned into high kill shelters. If
rescue is full and can't take them, and they aren't adopted, then they are
euthanized. There is a definite lack of the fabled 'farm' where the dogs can run
free, kill many chickens, dig many holes, and bark as loud and as long as they
want to.  Thousands, upon thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized every

Sometimes, circumstances are beyond our control, and there are those that try
as they might, are unable to keep their malamutes. A reputable breeder will
ALWAYS take their dogs back, but for the less reputable breeders that won't
rescue will work with the owners, helping them if possible to keep their dogs,
and if not, rescue will try to take them in.

There are many advantages to adopting a rescue malamute - they come
pre-vetted and pre-screened, meaning you know what sort of dog you will be
getting, rather than guessing as you will be with a puppy. Below you will find
some rescue sites with available rescue dogs, and some great information in
general on the breed.
Malamute Rescue
Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Babe ended up in rescue when her owner
could no longer care for her - she was
bought as a pup from a backyard breeder
by an 80 year old man.  Babe had never
been groomed so had to be shaved down
to her skin.
IL AlaskanMalamute Rescue covering 5 Midwest
states and more
National Alaskan Malamute Rescue
Canada's Malamute Rescue site- a wealth of information about the breed
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